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Being an ecommerce platform Moon Beings offers a unique kind of skin care products with throughout the United States. Moon Beings not only sell products but, at the same time, educates people through thier blogs so that they can choose what suits them best and get the most out of their products.


This SEO project aims to rank in the top 3 positions on Google's search engine result page. Outperform the competitors on traffic-driven keywords. Compound business by 20% and accelerate the growth in traffic.

Challenges We Tackled:

  • Troubleshooting the indexing of blog pages.
  • Restructuring the page according to new keyword selection.
  • Optimization of blog pages for newly selected keywords.
  • Fixing the LCP issue on the homepage for faster load time.


We got this project in September 2022 and set up Semrush for past data analysis and measuring the success of our SEO campaigns. The above snapshot shows the website's performance in the last month before the project was delivered in August 2022. The website was attracting only 3 visitors in a month.


In August 2022, the website had 79 keywords, and 3 were ranked in positions 4 to 10. The numbers were not bad, but traffic was reducing. It means there is a need for optimization and targeting of volume-driven keywords.


We have completed the first month of this project, and the traffic has boosted from 3 to 35 for the last month. The traffic flow increases after resolving the issues on page levels. Some pages were uncrawled by google because of content trust issues. After we restrutred the pages and raised index requests, the traffic boosted. We have also acquired a good amount of do-follow backlinks for the blog. That also helps google to push the website in organic results.


After implementing changes in content and selecting and targeting new keywords, we have not only recorded a sharp rise in traffic but also an increase in overall keywords. We have optimized product and blog pages to acquire more traffic. Overall, keywords increased by 17 from 79 to 96. We are trying to bring the keywords into the top 3 positions, which will be achieved within 2 months of continuous efforts.

NeedInfotech's advance SEO helps Moon Beings to acquire 30% more business from the initiation of the project. Major on-page and technical issues also have been addressed, and our efforts are targeting to rank the website in the top 3 in SERPs.

Final Outcomes:

  • Moon Beings sales increased by 30%
  • On-page and technical issues troubleshooted.
  • The keyword map has been updated.
  • Blog pages have been optimized for newly selected keywords.
  • 21% growth in overall keywords.
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