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If you are looking for a Web development company in India, you have come to the right place. Need InfoTech create excellent websites/Web-based applications that not only generate revenue in more business to the clients but also increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the business? Whether it is a simple website or web portal, we make sure that our solutions work seamlessly with the requirements of the client. Our services are leverage with the latest technologies which maintain a standard for your customers.

Custom Web Development

Whether you work with a small-scale business or you are a leading organization of your field, our custom web development services in India can helpful for every kind of web-based application, social network services and many more.

We are experts in researching your domains and it helps us bring out the exact characteristics of your dreams to reality. We follow a simple work procedure where we connect our experience with innovations to offer superior quality end products and services.


Start-up Software Development

Want to take the industry by storm? If so, we are your reliable tech partner with a lot of experience in helping start-ups and develop dynamic websites that attract your customers. Our development model and low-risk approach will help reduce time to market, optimize your budget, and ensure 100% productive rate and protection of your code.


Web technology is the establishment and use of mechanisms that make it possible for different computers to communicate and share the resources. We are using the latest Web Technologies for developing an application.



We love helping people. And we take pride in giving our clients an effective, high-quality product.

Step1: Requirement Analysis

The first step in developing a successful web application is to gather information. Many things need to be taken into consideration; we first ask a lot of questions to help us understand your business and your needs in a web site/ web application. Certain things to consider are: Purpose, Goals, Target audience, and content

Step2: Planning

Information that we gather from phase one, we put together a plan for your web site. After the first step, we develop a site map – a list of all main topic areas of the site, as well as sub-topics (if applicable). This provides us a guide as to what content will be on the website and is essential to developing a consistent, easy to understand navigational system.

Step3: Designing

Drawing from the information gathered up to this point, we determine the look and feel of the site/application. The target audience is the first factor that must be consider first. A site aimed at young age groups, for example, will look much different than one meant for a financial institution. We also define elements such as the company logo or color engagement to help strengthen the identity of your company on the web site.

Step4: Development

This is the step where the website developed. We take all of the individual graphic elements from the prototype and use them to create the functional web site/ web application.

Step5: Testing and Delivery

At the last step, we meet the final details and test your web site. We test the complete functionality of forms or other scripts, we test for last minute cross-browser compatibility issues (viewing differences between different web browsers), ensuring that the site is optimized to be viewed properly in the most updated browser versions

Once we receive your final approval, it is time to deliver the site. We upload the files to your server.


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