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The House of Yoga is a London-based Yoga studio and school that teaches Yoga to beginners to professionals. The business targets residents as potential clients for their physical classes and across the globe for their virtual classes. They also offer live video streams, podcasts, articles, and more to help you stay focused, inspired and improve your yoga practices.


The primary objective of The House of Yoga is to expand the organic search traffic on mobile and desktop devices. Rank more keywords on major SERP at the top 3 results and increase the local citation flow of the website by gaining backlinks from top local search directories. Increase the overall sales funnel for the business.

Challenges We Tackled:

  • Restructuring each web page for mobile optimization.
  • Finding and targeting local keywords that are not actively targeted.
  • Producing content concerning the latest google algorithms guidelines.
  • Mapping the keywords with url without keyword stuffing.
  • Understanding user touch paints and creating a content strategy to decrease the session dropoff.


We got the project on Nov 2021 and set up semrush for data capturing and measuring. At the beginning of the project, the website was getting around 2099 monthly organic visits on desktop and 1022 monthly visitors on mobile.

organic-traffic-desktop organic-traffic-mobile

Overall organic keywords stood at 983, and traffic-driven keywords at the top 3 positions were 51. With respect to the large keyword base, the traffic is unjustifiable. It indicates that the ranking keywords are not optimized well.


We always start with clearing up any conflicting elements like toxic backlinks, broken links and on-page fixes in the first month of the project. After completing the first month, we started restructuring internal pages and mapped urls with our strategic keywords. From the second month, the stats were normal and not much changed, but in the 3rd month, our continuous efforts brought a visible improvement of 10% on desktop and a drop of 9% on mobile devices.


From the 4th month onwards, we started changing the content per user touch points. For this, we focused on only a group of local traffic-driven keywords and narrowed the focus to the rest. By this shift, we were able to capture the top 3 positions on SERP with growing volumes.


After 4 months of rigorous efforts, we achieved growth of nearly 11% on mobile devices after removing the conflicting code and optimization of image packs.


The House of Yoga project was completed on July 2022, and we were able to bring a growth of 316% in organic traffic. Our efforts allowed The House of Yoga to improve its sales by 200% from the project initiation on Nov 2021. The mobile traffic was also grown by 530% from project initiation.

Final Outcomes:

  • The traffic on desktops grew by 316% and 530% on mobile devices from Nov 2021.
  • Customer acquisition increased by 200% for the period.
  • The total participation of local traffic grew from 20% to 35%.
  • The top 3 positions on google SERP was grown by approx 18%
  • All pages scored above 80 on google LightSpeed tests, which shows great mobile optimization.
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