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Why WordPress is most popular among all CMS in the world

You are a little surprised to know that more than 60 million people use WordPress and that makes WordPress the most popular among all CMS in the World. More than 75 million websites design and developed by website and counting are daily going up with lots of posts, blogs, and websites. More than 25% of websites market share capture by WordPress because of it open-source and easy availability. WordPress becomes the most powerful CMS with the outstanding features of its update, delete and upload.

WordPress provides easy access to users to create, manage, update and organize their websites and blogs by using a number of plugins and tools. Google Trends also suggested that WordPress is 9 times more popular than Drupal. Let’s talk about some reason why WordPress is most popular among all CMS in the world

Ease of Use- 

WordPress becomes the easiest CMS for developing a website that the Drupal, Joomla, etc. If you are not aware of the long structure of code or you are not one of the most technical persons, you need not worry. WordPress helps you to go beyond the limit of easiness without using any code. You can develop the website without using long codes, WordPress gives you the power of drag and drop. It provides a lot of plugins and themes that make WordPress user-friendly.

Provide open-source platform- 

WordPress provide the open-source platform, which means you can easily download from the internet and you can develop the website anywhere. WordPress also provides compatibility in mobile access. You can connect it to your own servers, extend it, download it and apply your changes the way you want and also you can able to change it.

SEO friendly-  

SEO becomes the basic needs of every website, if you are not aware of SEO techniques then you may be lagging behind on the search engines. WordPress provide SEO friendly website with a lot of plugins and its features. It provides multiple plugins like SEO Yoast, All in One SEO plugin to make you visibility on search engines more clearly. Plugins provide easy updating in the title, meta-tagging of your website that changes the most frequent results on search engines.

Easy update and Accessibility-  

Why WordPress is best among the All the CMS in the world is because of its easy accessibility. You can easily access the admin panel of your website from anywhere, you can also access the admin panel of the website through your mobile. These are the qualities that a website developer wants and it provides easiness on all of these.

Software working is only efficient when updates provide. With this point is also necessary, updating software plays an important role in securing a website too. However, apart from the other CMS, WordPress is super easy to update and this can be done with a single click.

Speed and efficiency- 

The speed and efficiency of website depends upon the loading time and server response time. If you have used WordPress before, you are aware of the loading and downloading of WordPress in 5 minutes. It provides easy handling of uploading the picture and content within minutes. This is the main reason why it is one of the worlds most used CMS.

Full of number of themes and plugins-  

WordPress comes with the number of themes and plugins that are available with the bulk of connectivity. You can choose free themes or you can buy a premium theme to make your website more decorative. WordPress provides a bundle of a plugin, you can avail it with free of cost or you can also buy premium plugins to access.

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