Vianney Home Decore

Vianney Home Decore is a Shopify store offering its products and services across the united states. The room decore products of Vianney Home Decore make people's lives more comfortable by supplying high-quality decore products for newborn babies, kids, and adults.


The objective of Shopify seo was to uplift the sales count and lower the drop rate of traffic. Stabilize the traffic flow and rank the product pages at the top in google SERP.

Challenges We Tackled:

  • Fixing the duplicate content issue of product pages
  • Mapping url with Shopify's forced url structure
  • Optimization of product pages and writing description
  • Removal of cross keywords
  • Improving the UI to enhance the mobile page fluidity
  • Lowering the bounce rate on the homepage


The project Vianney Home Decore was delivered to us in Oct 2018, and after setting up semrush for past data analysis, we found that the monthly traffic on the Shopify store was 774. We found that the sales were low in comparison with traffic. And the bounce rate was pretty high at the same time.


In September 2022, the website had a total of 2422 keywords. And 8 were ranked in position 3, and 22 keywords were ranked at 4 to 10. The total count of keywords was good, but traffic was not as per the massive keyword base.


The traffic on mobile devices was also average, and the organic traffic was 372 visits/month. And the concern was the declining traffic curve.



After completing the first month of the project, the traffic drops from the previous month. We retargeted the keywords and removed the previous cross keywords(conflicting with other industry products). After retargeting and updating the content of product pages, the traffic from cross-keywords dropped, and the inflow of potential targeted traffic started flowing.


After completing the project in May 2019, 10 keywords were ranking in the top 3 positions of google SERPs, and 31 were ranking on 4 to 10 pages. The growth in keywords is 29% overall basis and 25% growth in the first top 3 positions of google SERPs. Our seo efforts helped Vianney Home Decore to get 32% sales, and traffic on the desktop was boosted by 23% and 156% up on mobile devices.


Our efforts greatly influenced the store's mobile traffic, and organic traffic inflow started spiking straight from the first month. We updated the description of product pages and mapped them with the url. In Shopify, mapping URLs has always been a headache, but we did that. The changes made in pages make the experience for users more fluid we also managed the user bounce rate by 4% in the first month, and over the full period, we managed to lower it by 29%.


Final Outcomes:

  • Sales were grown by 32%
  • The bounce rate decreased by 71%
  • The duplicate content issue was resolved
  • Optimized the mobile pages to improve user experience
  • Targeted industry keywords and removed cross keywords
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