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Top ten problems in e-commerce store marketing and their solutions

Ecommerce these days are in trend, most of your favorite stores are online! This is the easiest way to get connect to your customers, from their comfort zones. There is a huge competition online to place your website on NO. 1.

1. Lack of Online Indentity Verification

When an order is placed on your website, the details entered by the visitors can be fake/wrong.  So in this way company losses revenue.


As soon the order is placed, the customer support call should be given, in case to verify all the details entered by the visitor.

2. Excellent Customer service:

 Nowadays before placing order, the visitor checks out all your social media pages, website, connect with the agent. Contact you on live chat and other messaging platforms.


The customer support should be excellent in delivering on any platform and they should be very responsive rather than automated message.

3. Analysis of the competitors:

In this era, you can have too many competitors working on the same products with lower prices or with latest products. Analyze the, marketplace of the product you are going to launch.


Have strategized marketing research with deep analysis, talk to manufacturers, retailers working on both large and small scale and then decide.

4. Not enough sales:

The reason some of the ecommerce stores, stop making enough sales!! Just because they are using old ways of selling, or the product list is not up-to-date.


Add some offers or referral code ways to engage your customer’s attention! Be smart enough to run festive offers or the best deals which benefits your e-store as well a customer feels satisfied.

5. Neglecting Shopping cart:

 Ignorance of shopping cart by the visitor, what they have added in it!!


Redesign your shopping cart, and make sure there are no bugs in it. Follow up through Email include some offer so that visitor places the order.

6. Maintaining Customer trust:

Your website is very dynamic!! But no presence on social media platforms. This creates a doubt and the visitor doesn’t place the order.

‘The Customer is the King’- Jeff Bezzos


To build trust over the brand and connect that with the customers,for that excellent customer service is needed. In the beginning your brand needs recognition and space so that everyone remembers it while placing the order.

7. Refund and Return pain:

 When the product is damaged or returned for whatever reasons, the company bears a shipment loss along with the reputation which comes down.


 Return and refund are the part of excellent service, so you can’t ignore it.  But instead of build a strong and clear return policy. Be transparent, never hide any policy.

8. Competition on price and shipment cost:

 There is a big fight between merchants, sellers for the price of product. This price fluctuation affects the online business of many stores.


To survive in this competition, e-commerce companies needs to distribute their own inventory to fulfill warehousesBecause every shopper wants quick shipment with no hassle.

9. Competition between Retailers and Manufacturers:

 Many ecommerce store buys bulk products from manufacturers. Many manufacturers and retailers start their own e-store and connect with customers. Here comes the price difference.


You cannot stop manufacturers to sell products with consumers, but use some tactics give them offer and promise them to display the product with larger audience.

10. Data security:

The worst nightmare is to have security issues over the web. In this way the confidential details of your customers can be hacked like email I’d, card details etc.


Your web developer should periodically check out these issues and try to sort it down. Most Content Management System store their data in the database.

To survive in the e-commerce marketplace you have to strategize your research and then implement. The best way to boom your store is to have maximum social media presence and the team needs to be responsive.

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