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Top 5 user-friendly CMS for a dynamic website

Developing a website in 2020 become easier than ever. Various Content Management System (CMS) available in the market where you can easily develop your website. The content management system is very easy to handle just like notepad, easy to update and delete the pages of your website. If you have little knowledge about website designing, you can able to develop a website very easily and if you are a technical person then you can integrate CMS with programming language where you can able to work more dynamically.

Here we are going to discuss the top 5 user-friendly CMS for the dynamic website and key features of the Content Management System-


You amazed to know about WordPress that which is the largest CMS Used worldwide. Firstly, it comes in the market as a blogging platform but now these CMS becomes the brand of dynamic website development. Most of the market share grasp by the WordPress CMS. You can easily navigate to posts and pages of the content. It provides smooth handling in integrating plugins and themes and you can play with it very easily. This CMS gives you the power to edit and update the layout of the pages without any technical knowledge.

Key Features:

Consists of updating, publishing and content management options.
Built with the powerful editor that enables you to format your content with ease.
Come with power of highly customizable, thousands of plugins and themes.
Strong and vibrant community help to build more smoothly.


Joomla is the other most powerful CMS software for dynamic website development. It also comes with the power of easily updating of content. Joomla is broadly used for managing custom post types. You can able to manage like WordPress but somewhat difficult for beginners. This CMS software gives you a lot of opportunities is user management and an extra option for membership website development.

Key Features:

Custom post types easily managed through Joomla.
Provides advanced user management systems.
Contains multilingual language for best support.
Unique templates for each page type.


Drupal is open source CMS software easily to develop more dynamic website but it somewhat behind WordPress and Joomla. Drupal has many benefits it provides a very flexible system for dealing with custom page and post creation. It also gives you a high level of security over your users and their permissions, and it can able to handle multilingual sites out of the box. Drupal is more secure than WordPress and Joomla.

Key Features:

It provides the flexible custom post creation and management system.
Offers advanced user management and permission settings.
Consists the support of multilingual sites out of the box.
Consist of detailed taxonomy system.


Typo3 is not new and not more famous content management system software. It provides scalability as its main selling point and it can develop enterprise-level websites. Let us consider as an example if you want to build an intranet, Typo3 can be an excellent choice. When it comes to user-friendliness, on the other hand, Typo3 isn’t considered as a first choice. This CMS software is the best fit for the users who have some experience when it comes to web development but not fit for smaller websites.

Key Features:

Enterprise-level sites easily develop through Typo3.
Multilingual websites can develop through it.
Single installation can manage multiple sites.
Typo3 makes possible to share data and tools among your websites.


Dotclear is another excellent CMS option if you are interested in blogging websites. Among all the CMSs, Dotclear is easy to use and handle. Despite this Dotclear features provide editing experience that’s very similar to what WordPress offers. With Dotclear, post easy to handle, easy to publish, manage, and broad taxonomy options. The platform helps you to write your posts in plain text, HTML, and Wiki syntax.

Key Features:

Dotclear simple to use and set up.
Supports plain text, HTML, and Wiki syntax.

It can generate RSS fees for the website.

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