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SEO strategy for an eCommerce business in 2020

Because of the frequently changing world and due to the update on Google algorithm, it becomes necessary to change your SEO strategy for an eCommerce business 2020. Ecommerce business increasing day by day and estimate that more than 70% website and businessman give priority to the eCommerce business and that is the reason why SEO important for eCommerce Website. SEO for eCommerce becomes the core part of your business strategy and you need to update with these points.

Below we discuss some points regarding your SEO strategy for an eCommerce business in 2020

Reduce Load Time- 

Website loading time makes a big impact on your customer’s feedback. Load time with more than 300MS can negatively affect your, customers. It estimated that 100-200 MS load time is the benchmark for any eCommerce Website because of User preference. No user wants to spend more time on your landing page as there are so many eCommerce businesses available, so try to reduce the load time of your website for better results.

Optimize for mobile-

If your website is not mobile compatible then you are on a serious problem. More user accesses the website on the mobile, and if the UI structure of the website is not good on the mobile then it reduces the customer database from your site. Use the Google AMP page to check and build mobile compatibility websites. There is a various tool available to check for mobile compatibility.

Solve error files from website-

Google search console formally known as Google webmaster tool shows the error files of your website, you need to continually update with the search console as it shows the index error, 404 error, sitemap error, robots.txt error, etc. Understand the issues and try to fix it for better results.

Add Customer Reviews-

Customer reviews play a crucial role in an eCommerce business. Most of the customer buy the product by reading the reviews what you customer provided. Focus on the genuine quality and best result so that your customer gives positive reviews on Google and that can increase the ranking of your eCommerce strategy.

Use Breadcrums-

It is possible that many of you not aware of what is the breadcrumbs and what is the importance of breadcrumbs? So first discuss what is breadcrumbs? Breadcrumbs mean structure of URL such as you go from home to t-shirts then it must show as home>t-shirts on top of the page. And if you want to go home page then click on the home at breadcrumbs structure, that is the importance of using Breadcrumbs.

Optimize your content-

For better SEO results, content optimization is one of the best SEO strategies for eCommerce business in 2020. Optimize your content means to clarify the quality and specification of your product on the product description part.

In the second part mention the specification of your product what service you providing from your product. Product specification must be short and concise and it must cover all small details.

Optimize for site search-

Optimization of site search means uses the proper heading tags such as H1, H2…..H6 for a better result because it clears the search engine what you want to say and on what you want to focus. Always give priority to meta-tagging and use the alt tag for the images. This strategy makes your search visibility higher than any other eCommerce business.

Monitor SEO visibility-

Use google analytics and various other tools to check the performance of your website. Monitor every pros and con of SEO and try to maintain Proper strategy to handle SEO of eCommerce strategy. Check google algorithm regularly and use Google AMP page for good mobile usability.

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