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Popular PHP frameworks

Php is the most demanding and most powerful scripting language for website development and web application development. PHP is most famous because of its open-source functionality and friendly to development. PHP consists of multiple popular PHP frameworks that are web-oriented, the meaning of web-oriented that it is user-friendly in web application development. They provide the base to fulfil the requirements and needs of any web application with more user-friendly logic.

What is framework-

When you want to develop any website or web application then you have to write a lot of codes and when an error occurs you have to find out the error and correct it but the framework provides the easy handle of development with their own code. Meaning that you need to code manually; you can gain the advantage of other coders. Php framework defines in PHP scripting language with multiple predefined codes and for that popular PHP framework available in the market such as Laravel and CodeIgniter.


Without any doubt, the Laravel framework is the most popular framework for PHP. Instead of this advantage, Laravel ranked as the 10th most popular PHP web framework in 2019. Even it came in 2011 but it gains higher ranks in a short time.

Laravel is an open-source framework, capable of assisting in the development of both small and large PHP projects. Laravel work on the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture, which easily separate the application into parts, so it does not get confusing.

The model is considered as a data layer, as it consists of all the data that an application control. The model retrieves information from a database, loads it in data objects, and transfers them to the targeted location.

The controller provides communication between the application and the users. It must be noted that the controller accepts requests from the interface and sends data to the model. Again, the model processes data and responds back to the controller.

The view is the part of the website, which represents the information to the end-user after selecting and organizing the data.


CodeIgniter is also an advanced and popular PHP framework work on MVC pattern that also stands out from the rest with its capabilities to guarantee a better web application performance with the smaller code volume. It is somehow different from the LARAVEL. Let consider an example that CodeIgniter does not have built-in authentication or debugging tools. That is the reason developers need to write code manually.

Sometimes having limited features translates as more beginner-friendly but we can look at this from a different position. Try to enjoy richer PHP frameworks might take longer, but you will be able to explore more pre-written code for your project. As a result, you need not write as much code yourself.

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