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Most Common SEO question

1. Can You Guarantee Me #1 Positions?

Answer:The truth is that anyone cannot guarantee you #1 positions and if they do, they’re lying. Google’s algorithms are always updated regularly and very secure. Also, Ranking factors  dependsupon the  website’s current level of optimization, how tough the competition is and budget that…

2.How Much Does It Cost to Get to the Top?

Answer:Ranking of the website depends on where you’re at right now and where you want to be. It’s also attracted by how tough your competitors and the industry in which you are working .If I go for more specific then there are other factors that we can take standard for: How well is your website already optimized? Do you have your own writers, programmers and graphic designers? If you have, you can able to cut costs. If not, the expenses will go up.

Cost may be also varying according to your website design and view. Most of the time user visits the website that must be user friendly where they can able to understand the point easily.

3. Can I Pay You After I See the Results?

Answer: If someone needs your services, they are willing to put the work in front of you and let the client pay at the end if they think they should? Understand the point you never pay for the results, you pay for the labor. Your work will improve their website respect of this how fast it will increase in rankings. There my company will however come up with a detailed monthly report to state what work has been done and the effects that work had on the website and its rankings.

4. Have Previously Hired an SEO Expert with No Results

Answer:Pardon me that you’ve had bad experience encounters previously. Be that as it may, it’s likewise something worth being thankful for in light of the fact that we can gain from the past to maintain a strategic distance from future errors. I would propose that we start with an investigation of your site to see where the issues are. It’s an a lot littler, once expense and you can choose a short time later in the event that you need to take part in a month to month contract.

5. I Already Do Adwords, Is SEO Better?

Answer:Adwords is an extraordinary publicizing stage and it’s certainly valuable first and foremost. Be that as it may, you’ll generally need to pay for it. Likewise, numerous individuals nowadays are utilizing AdBlockers. You may even have one on your PC at the present time! Actually individuals click more on natural list items. Advertisements on Google just get around 2-3% CTR while the rest goes for the organic and natural search. That is the reason the normal expense per promotion might be going up. Remember that SEO takes a brief period, so the sooner you start, the better.

6.Can You Show Me Some Previous Work and Results?

Answer:Yes you can see our portfolios where we mention detail analysis of Keywords with the targeted website and target location. You can get idea by searching it on Search Engine.

7. Why Are My Competitors Ranking Better?

Answer :That is not abig issue may be your website has certain issues and you website has certain issue. Consider Amazon, Craigslist or Reddit. Extremely famous locales, yet basic in structure. You may even say they look obsolete in specific zones. Be that as it may, they centeraround the client experience, which directs how well a site will in the long run act in the web indexes. There’s a great deal we can improve through A/B testing. You may truly like red fastens and cry after them, yet on the off chance that green catches convert better, I’m certain you can wipe your tears with the additional money.

8. How Long Until I Get to #1?

Answer:It depends upon so many factors, for example, spending plan and process, yet it’s actually a fragmented inquiry. Would you like to rank #1 for one explicit keyphrase? For one hundred keywords?For thousands? The site may develop overall, however a few keywords may at present position quicker than others, once more, contingent upon numerous components.

And if SEO is done with more sophisticated way then your site may rank 1st for long term. It depends upon how you concentrate your client and how regularly update the website according to new Google algorithm and according to new web search.

9. Why Does SEO Take so Long?

Answer:Search engine optimization requires significant investment since it includes numerous things, from the nature of your business to the specialized things occurring on your site. They all should be adjusted all together for a site to rank well for an all-encompassing timeframe. It resembles building muscle. You have to prepare gradually consistently to get results on the since quite a while ago run. The sooner you start, the better. In any case, if the site has an extreme basic issue seeing a significant zone, for example, indexation, results may be seen immediately.

10. Can You Speed up the Process?

Answer:The deal is that, there’s a well-known adage: Do you need to rank high tomorrow yet just for one year or would you like to rank following one year however for a lifetime? In the event that you need to rank exceptionally high tomorrow, simply go through some cash on Adwords. In the event that we use BlackHat strategies we may get results speedier, however we chance just observing them for a brief timeframe. Much more dreadful, the site may be for all time influenced a short time later. Then again, on the off chance that we follow the rules and do everything right, the rankings will be there until the end of time. The main method of accelerating the procedure is by expanding the financial plan and scaling the beneficial things.

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