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Medical SEO- How SEO helps your medical website on top of search engine

What is the importance of medical SEO- The simple answer for that lies on the research, according to research 73% of the patients search for the doctor online, whereas more than 83% of consumers search in google to help with the query of healthcare solutions. But if we talk about what is the importance of top in the search engine. Consumers more than 55% solve their query by visiting approximately on the top 3 results.

Medical SEO is the concept in which SEO experts try to rank your medical website on the top of the search engine with the proven results on your selected medical services and keywords.

What is the profit by investing on medical SEO-

Digital era changes the mentality in marketing. Now if your business is online then you tend to gain more profit than the business which is only offline. Many of the doctors believe that PPC is the concept to gain more traffic and more ranking on the website but PPC is short term goal and you get only traffic for certain period till your ads remain online. But medical SEO help you to rank your website permanently top on the search engine.

Some important point regarding medical Website-

Medical Website must be fast, secure and contain solution of your patients.
Website must be optimized SEO content to solve query of patients.
Try to makeup the right medical Keywords.
Medical Schema must be available and optimized title tag and meta description tags.
Images and videos must be optimized.
Continuously off page activity must be done such as creating quality backlink, generate traffic through submitting on multiple sites.
Make a unique Google Business page for better results.

Medical Website must be fast, secure and contain solution of your patients-

Ranking factors that play important rule on your website ranking is website speed, security, and mobile-friendliness. If your website takes longer times to load over than three seconds then the most of web visitors will hit the back button. Search Engine knows and every website goal is to provide the absolute best resources, if they are not sharing resources properly then you may loss the first spot ranking from the search engines.

Medical Website or any type of website needs to be mobile-friendly.  Always focus on selecting the major and emergency keywords for your site such  as “urgent care near me,” “maternity hospital,” “primary care physician,” and “allergist.”

Website Content must be SEO Optimized- 

If your website fast, secure and having load time less and also mobile friendly but if you content on the website is not optimized or you are unable to solve the query of consumers then it negatively effects on your ranking. 

Question, what is quality content? The most perfect answer for that your website must be content optimized such that if consumer visit for any health-related query then he get perfect and correct answer for that. For the medical website you need to focus on super-high-quality content: medical web pages are what Google calls Your Money Your Life (YMYL) pages. Various search engines categorize it as potential impact on happiness, future happiness and effect on health.

Try to pick right medical keywords-

Location, priority and specialization different for the medical services but you can get idea how you choose your keyword according to specialization and needs of the patient. you can get some example with the following medical SEO keywords:

Allergist + your city

Allergists + your county

Allergy specialists + your city

Seasonal allergies + your county

Allergy and asthma center + your city

Asthma treatment + your city

Allergy + doctor + your city

Allergy + treatment + city

Need to optimized meta description and title tag-

Always add title tag for your website for recognizing the service of the website and use meta description for more weightage. You can get idea by looking below images-

Optimized Google Business Page-

Authority for making most of business through your website, you need to make a Google My Business page. Most of patients need health services that are near to home, and searches containing the phrase “near me” have doubled from 2015. But if you want to focus on the local locations, you need to show your business on Google’s local pack. Question is what is local pack? It consists of 4 – 5 business listings that show up above the organic search results. On mobile, benefits of searching result without scrolling down.

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