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Lamp & Shades is an eCommerce platform powered by Shopify based in the United States. Lamp & shades allows people from all over U.S. states to buy their custom-made top-notch high-quality lamps and shades.


The sole aim of the Lamp & Shades project was to enhance the organic traffic of the website by 200% on desktop and mobile with advance SEO techniques. Top product keywords must capture the top 3 google SERP positions. Customer acquisition must be exceeded by 20%.

Challenges We Tackled:

  • Fixing the indexation issue in products pages.
  • Troubleshooting the canonical issue.
  • Understanding the touch points of users.
  • Designing content around the user’s pain point.
  • Targeting the product-specific keywords with high volumes without overlapping with competitors.
  • Optimization of webpages without keyword stuffing.


We started the SEO of the Lamp & Shades project in Dec 2020. After we set up the project in Semrush for past data analysis, we found that the organic traffic was 430 visits/month in Nov 2020. The website had a good amount of content, but the organic traffic was not to up to the mark. Blog pages were uncrawled and unindexed.


If we look at the keywords, the total keywords counts were pretty interesting. The website had 1246 keywords, and the top 10 were ranked in the top 3 positions on the Google search engine result page. But the normal traffic shows that the pages were not optimized for high-volume keywords.


The traffic on mobile devices was also usual, reaching 244 visits/month.



At the beginning of the project in Dec 2020, we cleaned up the toxic and conflicting elements after troubleshooting the indexation issue and optimized the homepage and blog pages. The traffic was shooted up from 430 visits/month to 1554 visits/month.


From Nov 2020, we had 8 more keywords performing in the top 3 positions of google’s search engine result page. Total organic keywords were also boosted from 1246 to 2059 in one month. It was only possible by mapping and retargeting the blogs with appropriate keywords. Our advanced SEO allowed lamp & Shades to grow by 33%, and organic traffic was boosted by 260% on desktop and 114% on mobile devices. The top 3 positions on google SERP also grew by 80% in 1 month.


Google prioritizes websites in SERP that are optimized for mobile devices. So it was equally important to rank on mobile. It was challenging for us to make the website fast and fluid for mobile devices. We changed the UI and structured web pages so that the user experience is not messed up and users find it easy to crawl. After all the changes, we were able to drive the traffic from 244 to 523 visits/month.


Final Outcomes:

  • Customer acquisition was boosted by 33%
  • We captured 80% more top 3 positions in google’s SERP.
  • Organic traffic for desktop and mobile were shooted by 260% and 114%.
  • The canonical issue was resolved, and webpages were optimized for mobile.
  • Lamp & Shades started ranking in google discover.
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