Kiddo is a website that offers experiences to families and their children. Kiddo believes in the value of childhood memories. From Australia, Kiddo provides a platform that enables children of all ages and families of all sizes to explore the baskets of activities to create great experiences and memories that help them discover themselves and thier interests.


The project's main objective was to grow the organic traffic by performing SEO for the website to expand Kiddo's subscription base. Also, optimization of each webpage with appropriate keywords to drive organic traffic.

Challenges We Tackled:

  • Selection and targeting of keywords that are not overlapping with established competitors.
  • Fixing the crawling and indexing of web pages was a big hurdle.
  • Structuring and Internal Linking management.
  • Making website mobile optimized to get an edge over competitors.
  • Reducing the dropoff of the session rate.


After the project delivery in Feb 2020, we set up semrush for data capturing and measuring. At the beginning of the project, the website was getting 0 organic visits/month in Jan 2020. The web pages of the website were not indexed by major search engines and had some major crawling and indexing issues.


The organic keywords stood at 39, and traffic-driven keywords were none at the top 3 positions. The keywords base on the website content was not great. It means that the content was not well optimized, and there was a need for fresh content.


We always start with clearing up any conflicting elements like toxic backlinks, broken links, indexation and crawling fixes in the first month of the project. The traffic slowly picked up after completing the first month of SEO activities.


We handled the Kiddo project for 8 months and completed it in October 2020. We drove traffic from 0 to 94 visits/month during this period. The traffic enables Kiddo a growth by 94% in organic traffic and boosts its subscription base by 40%.


The same goes with the keywords; after page crawling and indexation error fixing, more pages got indexed by search engines, and the keyword base grew from 39 keywords to 133 keywords. And also, we were able to rank for positions 4 to 10 on the search engine result page of google at the end of February 2020.


Two keywords were also ranked in the top 3 positions on google's search engine result page (SERP), and 25 were ranked in positions 4 to 20. The total keyword base was improved by 1,30%. Our content optimization strategy enabled this massive change in the keywords base of Kiddo.

Final Outcomes:

  • Organic traffic grew by 94%.
  • The keyword base was improved by 1430%.
  • Crawling and unindexed pages were indexed.
  • Kiddo's subscription rate increased by 40%
  • Webpages were optimized and scored 83 in the PageSpeed Insights test.
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