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Digital Marketing Trend in 2020

Digital marketing defines the growth of every organization with its positive effects in 2019 and 2020 going to be more successful year in prospect of marketing. The growth of information technology and impact of digitalization make your digital marketing field stronger. Discussion with respect to implementation in technology 2019, digital marketing trend in 2020 is different from the past experience. So be ready to grow with the trends and change in yourself with respect to technology. 

Below we will talk about some digital marketing trends 2020 that is the need of every organization and increase in the revenue whether it is e-commerce or not.

Predictive Marketing- 

Predictive marketing is the art of reading statistics data or human beings’ behavior in which he is interested. Today’s world is data abstract, there is so many organizations providing the same product so you need to clearer about the interest of people.

Predictive marketing is the concept of data visualization as there are so much data and people go through various products so you must predict the interest of people and generate statistical data.  

Various Online business holder carries the data what they previously buy and the click of the most interesting product. If we talk about the study of GlobeNewswire, the predictive analytics market size is expected to cover $10.95B in 2022. And you also know about the online business giant Amazon started to use web browser extension “Amazon Assistant” for predictive analysis.

Voice module searching-

You are aware of the voice searching, this is one of the most important points for the digital marketing trend 2020. Voice searching is the most time-saving concept of this ongoing technology. More than 65% of searches come through voice.  Users prefer to speak rather than writing long phrases for searching the exact world. It provides flexibility in searching the most targeted key phrases and save the time of the user.

Most advanced Ad bidding-

Implementation of Ad is increasing day by day, most advanced technology that makes an impact on 2019 with its powerful reaching phenomenon of every corner of the world. Google with the worth of $103.43 ad earning and Facebook with the worth of $67.37 bid earning become the biggest brand of online bidding implementation. Now in 2020, this bidding race going to become a broad category of the advertisement industry. 

Ad bidding implementation is not new, both giants are getting creative with new options. Talking about this, Google recently announced during Google Marketing Live 2019 a smarter automated bidding that uses machine learning to optimize towards selected performance targets in each and every bidding—known as “auction-time bidding”.

It also includes Smart automated bidding with different types of bid strategies examples are Target CPA, Target ROAS, Maximize Conversions, or Enhanced CPC.

SEO Structured data- 

SEO structured data means visible of your title, description, keywords, contents, image alt tag, etc. in a more sophisticated and user-friendly view. Content must be user-friendly and the design of the content must be feasible to the user. Advance technology defines structured data according to business need and organic search.

Visual search snippets implement by google across all their platforms and devices, which allow visitors to get all the information they are with faster and help them decide on the right website to click through available on the top search results.

Multi- channel Social visualization- 

Social media industry booming at a very fast rate. If you are looking for the best result, you must implement stability in various social media engagement. Multi-channel social visualization increase click-through rate of website and increase sales of your business.

Applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat, are not restricted to personal uses any longer. And it is also true some private APIs like Whatsapp, others like Facebook are more flexible when it comes to automated bots and already have fully implemented marketing technology that available on the market.

AI-based Automation-   

Most intelligent view of data and most advanced technology of Digital marketing trend 2020, Artificial intelligent put its right path on marketing trends. Our previous approach to learning human behavior now replace by judging the behavior of a person with the most advanced data visualization technique. 

Ai based technology help to understand the working nature of products and automate the result with the real-world phenomenon. A more general view is to increase the interest of people in product and services.

Focus on Customer retention- 

Customer retention is the most important point of digital marketing or any type of marketing.

Your returning customers are the most important key of business than a new customer because returning customer increase revenue and you must win the faith and believe in your business. Recent study points out that customer retention is the best marketing strategy that reflected on your goal.

Live Video Implementation- 

Video and images increase the brand of every product regarding the structure and behavior of learning. The viewer takes an interest if you are streaming video to teach anything. YouTube become the brand of these video streaming and people take interest in learning with rich media.

These are some digital marketing trends in 2020, hope you get idea about industry booming with all of that points.

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